(Cover created by Amanda Steel)

Chapter Four

After spending most of the day debating the best way to help Tom, I go to bed, only managing four hours of sleep before I have to get up for my first day at work.

As I dress in a black skirt and white blouse, I wonder if it’s too formal. What if I have to run?

Why would I have to run? I don’t know, but there are killers out there. Admittedly, there’s one less now, but I don’t know if I can die, or what happens to me if I do. At least as a karma…

Inspiration can come from anywhere

(Cover created by Amanda Steel)

Last year in an online workshop, I was given a clickbait title to write an article on. I was frustrated at the response, or lack of response from employers and contractors when I was trying to find work. So the title I was given was perfect or me to vent.

“12 Things Employers Don’t Want You to Know”

So, I came up with six things in my spoof list during the workshop, then finished it later in the week. I probably would have left it to gather virtual dust on my laptop, but BBC Radio was looking for poetry and other spoken word…

If you love the paranormal…

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Haunted Yorkshire explores some of the locations around Yorkshire (in the UK) which are rumoured to be haunted. This book covers a lot of ground, from ghosts to demon dogs. We’ve all lived in or near places whichhave their own story and even if you live nowhere near Yorkshire, you probably have similar tales to tell about your local area.

The good

I enjoyed reading the stories and myths behind places, some of which I lived near or visited as a child, but never really knew about. Nick Tyler has done a lot of research, and he…

Have you tried these?

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If you believe that marketing your book is more about building up your name/creating a brand, then you might want to try some of these suggestions.

Guesting on podcasts

You can market your book as a podcast guest, but you will get a better response and have more to talk about if you discuss other things too. There are book and author podcasts which take guests, but you don’t have to stick to those. Last year, while I was promoting myself, I went on a few aimed at authors and readers, but I also guested on a paranormal podcast, because my recent novel…


Cover created by Amanda Steel

(You can find previous chapters here)

“Lucy,” I hear Julia say. I feel like she might have been saying my name for a while. The next thing I realize is how wide my mouth is open. I make a conscious effort to close it, as I take a step back and throw Julia a look, then glance back at the ghost, as if he might do something to me if I take my eyes off him. If this were a horror movie, he might reach out to me, making grotesque gurgling noises as blood seeped out of his mouth. Thankfully…


Cover created by Amanda Steel

Chapter one can be read here

Chapter Two

Considering the rules I had been given after accepting the role as a karma, I’m surprised when the boss tells me I’m going to respond to Julia’s advertisement for a housemate. Normally, karmas are prohibited from contacting anyone they knew in their mortal lives. Technically, I wasn’t mortal when I ‘met’ Julia.

“The rules still apply, though. Under no circumstances will you tell anyone who you used to be. You are Lucy Sullivan, a twenty-eight-year-old journalist from Leeds. You recently moved to Manchester and are applying for newspaper jobs.”

I want to…

The sequel to ‘Ghost of Me’

Cover created by Amanda Steel

I sit here, transfixed on my target until my bum aches. I don’t mind that part so much. At least I can feel again, even if it is just my aching bum. I’ll admit I had no idea what to expect when God, as I like to call him, made me into a karma.

It wasn’t until the whooshing sensation exploding through every inch of me, turning into what I imagined electrocution felt like when I realised I could feel again. I clenched my hands together, trying to stop myself from screaming. Then it was over. I stood outside a…

Distributing your book beyond Amazon Kindle

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I don’t claim to be an expert, or a guru on how to sell millions of books or even become a bestseller. Although, I’ve done the latter, and it’s very different to making money or selling large numbers of your book. Some of you may know about several or all of the suggestions in this article, but not everyone will.

Not just Amazon Kindle for your eBook

I know of a lot of indie authors who only have their eBook on Amazon Kindle. I understand that Kindle Unlimited allows readers to discover new authors, and those authors get paid per page…

The letters I wish I had when I was a child

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Dear four-year-old me

You’ll experience your first feeling of rejection, as other children refuse to let you in the playhouse at nursery. You’ll cry and have to be dragged up the hill by your mum each day, before she caves in and enrols you at another nursery.

Just know, you’ll look back at this someday, and aside from a vague memory of other children blocking the door, you won’t recall much about it. In fact, if it wasn’t for the stories your mum told you about her dragging you up the hill as you cried, you might not recall that much about it.

Dear eight-year-old me

A short story

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Present Day

I shovel the last piles of dirt over the makeshift grave. I never thought I would have to bury a body, but there’s no time to dwell on my actions. Now is the time to run.

Seven Years Earlier

I looked at the electronic invitation. The only David I knew was on my Chemistry course at college. We had never spoken. I didn’t even know his second name before getting the invite, but maybe this invitation had been sent to everyone on the same courses he was studying. It made sense; however desperate it might be. …

Amanda Steel

Writer of novels, poetry and short stories. Editor of Printed Words. Co-host of Reading in Bed (podcast). Copywriter and Ghostwriter.

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