Why isn’t everyone doing these?

Amazing Ways to Save Money on Household Bills

Why isn’t everyone doing these?

Turn Off the Heating

Instead of spending money on heating, simply put on an extra jumper. But don’t stop there. Put on as many jumpers as you feel you need. Think of…

Futuristic Sci-Fi

Science fiction can be hit or miss for me. I found the concept of this book worked, in my opinion. The futuristic setting where some humans are living longer than others was intriguing.

I was rooting for the main characters of Mandy (a near mortal) and Peter (an…


And how long does it last?

I’ve never been overly confident about my own writing, but I’ve written some fiction, non-fiction and poetry which I’ve preferred over the rest of my work. Often I’m working hard for low pay and putting in extra hours to make up for the low pay. …

How grief changed me

Losing myself

When my dad died of cancer, it took me a long time to get to a point in my life where I could be okay, considering the bereavement. Of course I missed him, but I never expected to miss myself as well. …

We all have something to learn from each other

With the mass of articles on Medium and everywhere else all offering advice, it might seem like everyone is suddenly an expert. If anyone is starting out (a beginner, or with just a few years' experience) their advice is dismissed. …

If you want to sell your book

After the cover, the blurb of your book is the thing most people will look at. I’m mainly thinking of a specific blurb as I write this, but I won’t share it here because of copyright. However, it could be one of many blurbs, or a mix of mistakes from…

An analogy for life

Bad things happen in life, and we often have little or no control over them happening. However, the way we react to these unfortunate events shapes who we are and the lives we lead. I got to thinking about this when someone online was complaining. I’ll call him ‘G’.


Gripping and thought-provoking

David Jackson has a way of making the reader feel something (good or bad) for his characters, even the killer. I read his book, The Resident, last year. In fact, it was one of my favourite books of the year.

Reflections during a walk by the canal

Like anyone else, if you ask me what makes me happy, my first response might be money, success, or my dream job. But if you break it down, what does that mean?

Letting the big stuff get in the way

I took a walk along the local canal, having just been…

You’re never too old to learn, but that’s only true to a point.

As someone who only gained my BA degree in my late thirties, then went on to graduate from a Creative Writing MA at the age of forty, I can tell you what graduating later in life is…

Amanda Steel

Author, editor of Printed Words, co-host of Reading in Bed (podcast). copywriter and ghostwriter. https://amandasteelwriter.wordpress.com/

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